Customer: Nakamura-Beeman, Inc.

Job requirement:

Nakamura-Beeman, Inc. is a kiosk & merchandise display company that manufactures displays, kiosks, RMUs, and more for retailers around the world. 

It is very common for merchandise displays to have lockable covers that go over/around the display and keep it protected from theft, vandalism, and debris after hours.  Nakamura inquired with Equip Inc. online about receiving custom RMU Covers in 3 different styles to send out with the RMUs to their customers. 

RMU Covers: 

Equip Inc. specializes in retail display covers and provides both standard and custom RMU covers to manufacturers, retailers, and malls around the country. The Equip, Inc. team worked closely with their contact at Nakamura  to come up with 3 RMU Covers to fit the different sizes of RMUs. The first cover was a rectangular cart, the second was a curved cart, and the third a square. For each RMU style, Equip sent a prototype to Nakamura for testing and once approved, Nakamura ordered 78 rectanular RMU covers, 5 curved RMU covers, and 4 square RMU covers. 


Nakamura, a popular retail display manufacturer, received over 80 lockable covers this year for their RMUs and Merchandise Displays! With a lead time of 4-5 weeks, Equip went above and beyond to get the prototype approved and a final product sent out quickly to accommodate Nakamura’s customers. Since Nakamura needed to send their RMUs out sooner than the Equip project leadtime, Equip sent 10 covers at a time until the job was complete. 

If your company has RMUs, Kiosks, or other retail displays which need covered, call or email Equip Inc. today at (719)599-0300 or We provide covers for a variety of industries and we would be happy to give you a free quote!

Customer: Nakamura
Job Requirement: 80+ RMU Covers
Lead Time: 3-5 weeks
Outcome: Customer received 80+ RMU covers 


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