Our Ordering Process

Do you have questions about how to place an order for a cover? Whether you need a custom design, special quantities, or something else, you can find information on how to place your order here. If you have additional questions after reading through, please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below!

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Step 1: Selecting Your Items

At Equip, we have a large range of items we can create. If you need something in a specific shape and size, that’s great! We work on custom orders all the time, so get in touch with us to work out the details. We can make:

  • RMU/Kiosk Covers
  • Exercise Equipment Covers
  • Security Curtains
  • Concession/Stadium Covers
  • Custom Shapes & Designs

Step 2: Measurements & Designing

When we are creating a new cover for you, we’ll need some measurements to ensure it fits correctly.

We’ll need the following:*

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth of any protrusions, like shelves, signs, etc.


*Additional measurements may be requested depending on the size, shape, and complexity of the item we’re covering.

Step 3: Payment Processing & Creation

After we secure all measurements, we’ll process your payment. We accept a few types of payments, but we prefer the following:

  • Credit Cards*
  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Other Payment Methods


After the payment is processed, we’ll put your order into production and keep you updated on the fabrication process.

*We charge a credit card processing fee.

Step 4: Shipping

Once we finish creating your cover or covers, we’ll get them ready to ship. We use UPS for most of our shipments, but we can also ship through:

  • USPS
  • FedEx


We may be able to ship through a different carrier if necessary. Please contact us for more options.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Cover

Once your cover has shipped, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Soon, you’ll have a beautifully made cover in your hands! If you need anything else down the line, always feel free to reach out to us. We also offer:

  • Cover Repairs
  • Accessories
  • Tenant Seating
  • Commercial Furniture

Still need help? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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