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Merchandise display covers and kiosk covers are not usually the first thing people think of when they walk inside of a mall. Retailers, however, figure out very quickly that without covers, a display or kiosk is extremely vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Many retailers find that it is beneficial to sell their product in a mall or a shop in shop because larger stores provide an anchor of business for the smaller retailer. Shop in shops are typically run from inside a department store either from a kiosk or with multiple displays separate from the anchor store.

Since these types of displays are difficult to keep secure, it is extremely important that their merchandise can be locked up and protected from theft after hours. Equip offers custom, secure covers for every type of kiosk and display at an affordable rate!

When it comes to mall kiosk security, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Covers for Luxotticamall-kiosk-security-custom-covers

One retailer, Luxottica, recognized that the security of their merchandise is extremely valuable, and reached out to Equip Inc. for custom display covers. Luxottica is a luxury eyewear company that sells in many retail outlets around the world.

Luxottica Group and Macy’s signed an agreement to open Lenscrafters shops within as many as 500 Macy’s department stores. These “Store within a Store” eyewear departments required lockable security covers for their retail display units, and Luxottica turned to longtime retail display cover manufacture Equip, Inc. to provide them with lockable, fitted covers.

Equip Inc. has provided Luxottica with nearly 1000 qty covers for their merchandise displays in about 80 stores! The covers go over the top of the display and secure around the bottom with custom sized lockable cables. The covers are also versatile because they can zip together to extend and accommodate additional retail shelving.

Equip Inc. covers are beneficial not only to retailers like Luxottica, but also for any shop-in-shop retailer, mall kiosk, or retail display. Selling merchandise is the way retailers make money, so security should certainly be every retailer’s top priority.

Why Equip Inc. Merchandise Display Covers?

Our covers are top of the line, customizable, and lockable. They are fire retardant, self-storing, and have commercial grade zippers that allow for easy removal and enclosure! Equip Inc. can even print your brand logo onto the cover to promote brand awareness while your merchandise is covered up!

Whether your store, kiosk, or shop-in-shop has a tower display, merchandise rack, or even a floor display, we have a cover that will suit your needs and go beyond your expectations to protect your merchandise.

Do not let your merchandise go unprotected any longer. Give Equip Inc. a call at (719) 599-0300 or email us at for more information and a free quote!

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