Customer: Comark Group & LinkNYC


Job requirement:

Comark Group is a Massachusetts based industrial computer and display company that provides  provides a variety of products including high definition widescreen displays. Comark partnered with kiosk manufacturer Civiq on project LinkNYC to produce electronic kiosks for a New York project replacing payphones with the world’s largest city wi-fi network!

As kiosks were being installed and tested, Comark reached out to Equip for some custom electronic kiosk covers to keep the project “under-cover”, free of dust/debris, and prevent vandalism on the streets of New York City.

When Comark inquired, there was a 3 week time period to begin testing the first kiosks, so the Equip team immediately began working on their order.


 Equip Cover Solution:

The Equip, Inc. team was thrilled to be a part of such a cool project. Once Comark sent over the proper dimensions of the kiosk, designers sketched up a pattern and suggested the Starfire fabric which is durable and tough as well as fade, rot, and weather resistant when used outdoors.  These covers featured a zipper along the side for easy application and removal, an attached self-storage bag, and a lockable cable running along the bottom of the cover to ensure the kiosk was secure.

Equip finished the covers in only 2 weeks and immediately shipped them out to Comark and LinkNYC!



Comark received 2 covers made of Starfire fabric for the LinkNYC electronic wifi kiosks! “It looks great! Please thank everyone involved with this!!! perfect fit!!” the Comark representative replied. The covers certainly served their purpose and made New Yorkers curious of the exciting project in the works, “the first hot spot is still being tested and sits under a gray cover. Some passers-by are curious and like the sound of what is in store” stated in their 2015 article.

Now the LinkNYC project is live and thriving in New York providing free public wifi to pedestrians!

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Customer: Comark Group & LinkNYC
Job Requirement:2 Covers for Electronic Wifi Kiosks
Special Concerns for this particular project: There was a very short lead time
Lead Time: 2 weeks (one week early!)
Outcome: Customer ordered 2 covers total in the Starfire fabric

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