Pop-up kiosks and shops are growing in popularity throughout the United Sates – even Amazon is using them! Pop-ups provide memorable shopping experiences for customers and flexibility for sellers, but the designs that make them so refreshing require unique security solutions. For pop-up kiosk security and to prevent theft and tampering after hours, Equip, Inc. provides intrusion barriers, security curtains, and over the top covers custom-made to suit the needs of any kiosk or shop.

Pop Up Kiosk Equip

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

Pop-up shops are stores that are set up and merchandised quickly, typically with a small batch of product on hand. Once that product is sold, the shop is shut down just as quickly and room is now available for a new shop. Typically, between the size of a flea market booth and a shipping container (in fact, shipping containers are often an eco-friendly way for retailers to house their pop-ups and merchandise). These small retail shops are ideal for individual artists and boutiques, testing customer interest in new trends, seasonal products, or an in-person presence for a shop that is usually online.

How Does this Affect Malls?

Mall property management companies globally are beginning to recognize the benefit of pop-up shops because the format brings new merchandise into the mall, luring shoppers in to check for new deals more often.  Pop-up shops are also an answer to space that is not filled by long term tenants. Rather than that space sitting empty, it can be leased temporarily to pop-up shop owners in micro lease agreements with little risk for either landlord or shop owner. With this growing trend, specialty leasing agents are preparing now for pop-up shop lease management.

Pop-up Kiosk Security – Shops Need Merchandise Security After Hours

Because pop-up shops are quickly opened and shut, they need simple after-hours merchandise protection solutions. Security solutions need to be easy to apply and remove, but also easy to transport to new locations.

Take Merchandise Home

Some pop-up shops choose to take their merchandise with them at the end of each day. Because pop-up shops are temporary, they tend to have less merchandise on hand than an in-line store, making it easier to transport. This method of security has the benefit of being free but comes with significant downsides.

While this will solve the problem of after-hours theft, it will substantially increase the amount of time employees spend setting up displays every day. It may also result in less professional-looking displays if an employee feels rushed when putting it together. This method may not be feasible if the pop-up shop has a lot of smaller items, or large items that are difficult to move. Location will also determine feasibility; if a car cannot be driven to the pop-up, it may be more hassle than it is worth to move the items.

Metal Gates

Physical protection, like rolling security gates, may be an answer to protect a pop-up shop. In our experience, rolling security gates are difficult to store while the pop-up kiosk or shop is open. If a pop-up shop will be relocated after a period of time, rolling security gates will be difficult and costly to move.

Metal gates also come in standard sizes and limited shapes and are not a good solution to protect certain layouts or stand-alone merchandise displays, especially if the pop-up shop is more open and does not have a traditional doorway.

A Better Solution for Pop-Up Kiosk Security – Custom Covers

Equip, Inc. manufactures custom covers for pop-up kiosks and merchandise displays left in the open overnight. These covers secure merchandise and keep the kiosk safe from theft, vandalism, dust & debris.

Pop-up display covers offer merchandise theft prevention by locking merchandise inside and acting as a deterrent for theft.

Covers are easy to install and store as they are lightweight and include a built-in storage bag. All covers feature the added benefit of security cables and locks placed at the bottom.

Because each cover is custom made, Equip’s design team can create a solution for any space or shape of pop-up shop or kiosk. Read below for some of the solutions Equip has provided for Pop-up shops.

Intrusion Barriers/Security Curtains

Equip, Inc. offers two curtain options that can work to provide entrance security at a temporary retail space after hours. These attractive, professional barriers can include logos, which will act as advertising for a pop-up store after hours.

Security curtains and curtain barriers offer merchandise theft prevention by providing after hours protection of displays and merchandise via a barrier put in place over the entrance of the shop.

Curtains are easy to install and are designed to grommet in place, then roll to the side for easy, unassuming storage during business hours.

Security curtains feature security cables and locks placed at the bottom, sides, and sometimes the top of the curtain, depending on the needs of the pop-up space.

Click here to learn more about how Equip security curtains and curtain barriers can work for you.

Pop-up kiosk security - security curtains
Pop-up kiosk security covers for merchandise displays

Covers for Pop-Up Kiosk Security – Merchandise Displays

Equip, Inc. also manufactures over-the-top covers for smaller merchandise displays. These covers feature a security cable around the bottom cut to the exact length necessary to tightly protect the display, to prevent the cover being lifted off the merchandise.

Over-the-top covers also have the option to include a zipper for easy installation and removal. The zipper can be locked to the security cable for security overnight.


Equip, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Mall Cart, Kiosk and RMU security covers. All Equip, Inc. covers are Made in the USA here at our shop in Colorado with the highest quality workmanship, materials, and customer service guaranteed. The team at Equip, Inc. proudly partners with you through the life of your cover.  We warranty our work for a full year unlike the competition, then offer repairs as needed at reasonable rates!

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