Customer: Siemens Mobility

Job requirement:

Siemens is a global company specializing in energy saving technology and digitization. With their hands in a variety of industries from building technology to consumer products, they use an array of valuable equipment. 

In order to keep equipment in prime condition and protect it from weather, dust, debris, and vandalism, they reached out to Equip for custom equipment covers. 

The Siemens request was two-fold: Covers for fork lift controls & covers for a  cart to transport materials. 


 Forklift Control Covers:

The unique control devices used by Siemens are connected to a fork lift and help ensure that the operator is authorized and that the users have access to the correct vehicles. These controls also allow for adjusted parameters such as speed and acceleration. These controls required small covers to protect the device and screen from UV exposure, weather, and debris.

The Equip, Inc. team worked closely with their contact at Siemens to come up with a solution to fit the controls. When complete, the finished product was a small cover with a velcro flap on the front which allows the operator to make adjustments to the controls. 

Transportation Cart Covers:

Siemens uses carts built for transporting materials as a part of their operations. These carts are oddly shaped with bars protruding from the center which hold different types of supplies. Siemens wanted to keep these carts covered and secured to protect the transported material from dust, debris, vandalism, and theft. 

Equip designed a custom cover to fit over the cart and secure the materials being transported.



Siemens received 25 small covers for their fork lift controls and ordered 30 large cart covers! “it fits perfect!!!! […] the build quality and feel is great! […] ” the Siemens representative replied. The covers will certainly serve their purpose for Siemens and protect their controls and carts for years to come. 

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Customer: Siemens
Job Requirement: 25 small fork lift control covers and 30 large cart covers
Outcome: Customer received fork lift covers and large cart prototypes with no problems 


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