When you see the price tag of some commercial-grade barstools for kiosks, it can be tempting to choose non-commercial furniture meant for residential use. Commercial-grade barstools for kiosks tend to be more expensive than barstools for at-home use for a reason, though, and it may even help you save money in the long run. And not every commercial barstool has to break the bank: Equip, Inc. offers a wide variety of commercial-grade barstools to look great with any kiosk at affordable price points.

Read on below for reasons why commercial-grade furniture can make all the difference for your kiosk or RMU.

1. Commercial-Grade Barstools go Through Extensive Testing

Testing for commercial-grade furniture checks for durability, stability, and weight-bearing qualities. The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) has developed a series of tests to simulate use by a variety of people with various weights and sizes. The tests insure comfort and functionality for all people.

Making sure your barstool won’t break when a customer sits on it is obviously important from a customer service standpoint, but it can also protect you from lawsuits. Broken chair lawsuits are not uncommon and compensation for the injured party can be significant. Protect yourself by choosing barstools that are made to withstand high impact public spaces, and then regularly inspect them for damage.

2. Commercial-Grade Barstools Last Longer

Commercial-grade barstools for kioks are made of different materials than residential-use furniture. Manufacturers use scratch-resistant materials, stronger woods, and lower gauge metals in an effort to extend the lifespan of the furniture. These materials reduce the impact of constant use by a variety of customers.

If you have an outdoor kiosk, make sure you look for UV-resistant kiosk barstools as well. If some portion of the barstool is metal, you’ll want to make sure it is rust-proof. Metal barstools will hold heat in the sun, so consider the length of time your barstool will spend in the sun versus in shade. A customer that burns themselves on your barstool will be a dissatisfied customer.

3. Commercial-Grade Barstools are Less Trendy – On Purpose

Though you can certainly find commercial-grade barstools in any and every style imaginable, the vast majority are aesthetically neutral. As discussed above, commercial-grade barstools are meant to last – frequently up to ten years. Trends in furniture and décor tend to change much faster than that, especially if you are going for a style that is edgier and more niche.

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for an ugly or boring barstool, though. Commercial kiosk barstools come in every style, color, and material imaginable. The relatively neutral designs won’t be going out of style in a year or two. Check out some of the great, versatile styles of barstool that Equip, Inc. offers below:

“Anna” Barstool

“Carole” Barstool

“Grill” Barstool

Equip is a direct supplier of commercial barstools for kiosks, RMUs and carts in shopping centers, airports, and more. Our team can help you find attractive, functional barstools for any space and look. All of our furniture is warrantied from 1-10 years depending on model and material and made to last.
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