Custom Covers for Manufacturers

With pop up shops, short term leasing, and retail experiences becoming more and more popular, display manufacturers are creating unique displays for companies all over the world in industries like retail, concessions, entertainment, and more. While these displays can be rather complex and beautiful, when the customer finally gets it set up, they often will run into the problem of security rather quickly. Nothing screams theft and vandalism like a shiny new display in an open area of a mall, entertainment center, or outdoor shopping area after hours. Equip provides custom covers to secure these units and protect them from harms way, keeping them in the best condition for years to come.

While manufacturers could leave the cover ordering process up to their customer, there are some definite benefits to ordering covers before shipping the unit.

Accurate Measurements

Manufacturers have the best knowledge of the unit as well as the most accurate line drawings. Since Equip covers are custom fitted based on customer dimensions, in depth knowledge of the unit & accurate measurements help us to create a cover that fits perfectly!

Rapid Protoyping

Since Equip is based in the US, we have the ability to perform rapid prototyping to make sure the cover sits well and fits the unit perfectly before going out to your customer.

Saves your customer time

If the manufacturer provides the cover for the customer, it saves them the headache of finding line drawings and taking measurements as well as figuring out temporary security for merchandise. By providing an Equip cover, you are taking an extra step to ensure your product is perfect & ready for business the moment is goes on the floor.

Wholesale pricing

Ask a team member about wholesale & manufacturer pricing when you receive a quote.

Equip is the leading supplier of custom covers and we value our relationships with display manufactuers. We have no order minimums, offer rapid prototyping, fast turnaround, and reliable service. If you have need for custom display covers, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We’d be happy to assist you.

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