Customer: Sunfolding Technology

Job Requirement: 

Sunfolding Technology is an American based solar panel company that engineers and manufactures panels for solar panels. Sunfolding participates in a number of tradeshow events around the country and transports demo panels to display. Since these panels are very expensive, Sunfolding wanted to keep them covered and secured after expo hours to protect them from vandalism, dust, and debris when unattended. Sunfolding reached out to Equip for a custom cover solution. 

Demo Covers: 

Equip manufactured a custom cover for the demo solar trackers. Since this cover would be visible to potential customers, visual design was very important. Equip provided a design sketch with a logo so that they could have a visual idea of how the cover would look after manufactured. After approval, the Equip team created a custom cover that tapered to accommodate the two heights of the panel. The cover also included two logos to help sunfolding maintain brand identity at the tradeshow. 


Sunfolding Technology, a solar panel company, received a custom cover for their tradeshow display. With a leadtime of 3-4 weeks, Equip created a custom cover patterned specifically for their needs and branded with their logo. 

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Customer: Sunfolding Technology
Job Requirement: 1 custom cover for a tradeshow demo
Lead Time: 3-4 weeks
Outcome: Customer received tradeshow cover on time & used it for their expo!

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