If you travel to trade shows as an exhibitor, you know the importance of protecting your display booth. Exhibits span from the biggest shows in the industry, all the way to smaller craft fairs and markets. No matter the setting, there’s a need to keep your merchandise and products away from harm or damage. This could range from concerns of theft and vandalism, to damage from an unexpected rain shower. Maybe your concern is simply ensuring your time is well-spent. Without a secure display, building relationships with customers will take a back seat to time spent with set up and tear down.

Smaller vendors and companies may not find it necessary or possible to have a table staffed 24/7. If you’ve ever worked a show, you know that you may need to leave briefly to grab lunch, or use the restroom. How much time would you lose having to secure your entire set-up every time you had to step away? Chances are, it’s a lot and time is money. You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your investments or leaving them open to chance.

Whether you’re an artisan, a merchant, a craft beer brewer or a large-scale tech outfit, you deserve to protect your booth. Here at Equip, Inc. our talented designers and production team have come up with a viable solution to all your vendor booth and trade show needs. We have developed a one-size-fits-most trade show table cover.  It is easy to transport, easy to set up, and will be a huge convenience factor for your business.

Our table covers fold over your display table and easily zip closed to secure your items when you need to step away.  These are sure to fit most tables from 6 to 8 feet in length and come with a convenient carrying bag. If your table’s measurements require something a little different, we are happy to send you a quote for a custom product.

Trade Show Table Cover

We have options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our indoor model is created from a lightweight 210D nylon fabric and is available in both black and charcoal grey. Our outdoor version is made from a 600D heavy-duty fabric. It is UV/mold/mildew/water resistant fabric in black, tan, and grey.

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