Keep Your Displays and Equipment Secure During Closures

During times of facility closures, FF&E items such as electronic kiosks, merchandise displays, and other types of capital equipment are at higher risk of damage from debris, weather, theft and vandalism as employees are off site. It is essential that these investments are protected from such risks to make sure the business can run seamlessly upon re-opening. Below are several tips to help you store and maintain any kind of electronic display, retail display or equipment you may have at your facility, both indoors and outdoors, to preserve and protect the functional lifespan of these items:

Tip 1: Determine the Best Place to Store your Display, if it can be re-positioned

The first step to storing your display or kiosk is to determine the best place for it, assuming you’re able to relocate it for the time being. Look for a place either indoors or outdoors that receives a minimal amount of moisture and that is not vulnerable to dust and debris. In order to avoid potential damage to any electronic components – particularly for an electronic kiosk, attempt to find a clean place that is not directly in the sun, especially if it is left outdoors

Tip 2: Implement Security Measures to Discourage Tampering

There are many security measures you can take to discourage tampering, and your facility may already have them in place. CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, and even security staff can help to protect your investments by deterring theft and vandalism. Ensuring that your display is under watch is crucial to making sure it is secure during a closure.


Tip 3: Protect Your Display with a Fitted, Lockable Security Cover

A custom cover has a two-fold purpose: to further deter against theft and vandalism, and to protect against damage that weather and other outside elements that can potentially cause to your displays or equipment. A lockable cover from Equip Inc. will protect the entirety of your electronic kiosk, merchandise, or equipment and prolong its’ functional product lifespan.

Equip manufacturers all its covers in the U.S., ensuring a responsive customer experience, a great fitting product, and a rapid turnaround time. As a Domestic manufacturer, Equip has the flexibility to design and produce an initial sample/prototype within 1-2 weeks, and to deliver a production run of custom covers to our customers within 2-4 weeks. Equip covers feature fitted, lockable coated metal cables sewn-in, allowing them to fully enclose and protect your equipment offering protection from tampering, dust and debris, and added piece of mind.

The measures above are intended to allow for a more seamless transition back to normal operations during a protracted, or unexpected facilities closure. By taking these and other measures to protect your capital equipment investments, you’ll be better prepared to hit the ground running once your facility is operational again.

We hope these tips are of service. While moving displays and equipment isn’t our specialty, nor installing CCD security cameras, we are experts when it comes to fabricating custom fitted lockable covers, and we’re here for you as your resource for these items.

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