With advances in technology use for online shopping, elevated expectations from millennials, and a very competitive market, trends and concepts within the retail industry are changing along with the consumer’s shopping habits. Millennials are driving the consumer world with their desire for the trendiest/ newest products. Malls are continuing to enhance the shopping experience with lavish common areas, wide arrays of food options, bowling alleys, roller coasters, and other recreational activities. It’s important for those involved in Specialty Leasing to acknowledge the most up-to-date retail industry trends to display the most beneficial products and brands that will attract the 2017 consumer.

Here are some links to articles about Specialty Leasing Trends which may prove useful to cart operators and/or specialty leasing teams:

“Specialty Retail Trends in Franchising” by Poornima Apte. Featured on Specialtyretail.com, the author discusses what trends are driving shoppers to the malls and much more.

“The Surprising Retail Habits of Millennial Shoppers,” by George Beall, featured on TheNextWeb.com. This article highlights Millennials’ shopping habits as well as what your brand needs to do to keep up with the millennial shoppers!

“To Remain The ‘Cornerstone Of American Retail,’ Malls Should Pursue These Tenants” by Lara O’Keefe, included on the Biznow National site brings light to what products are performing in retail and what are products are not.

“Top 10 Industry Trends of 2017” by Patricia Noins and Poornima Apte. In this article on Specialty Retail.com, these two industry experts discuss 10 trends you can expect to start noticing across different retail environments.

“Specialty Leasing- the BIG opportunity for Shopping Centers,” posted on CasualLease.com explores the best ways for short term retailers to adjust to 2017 consumer behaviors.

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