Those in-charge of furnishing a restaurant or bar may be enticed by the array of style options and affordability that IKEA furniture offers. IKEA is known for simple, affordable furniture for home use but is not a commercial furniture resource. A large amount of IKEA’s “wood” furniture is made from particleboard, which is essentially bits and pieces of different types of wood sources (read more here). Particleboard is a controversial material itself because the wood pieces are hard to trace. Either way it is definitely not a material that is made to withstand the heavy traffic and use that it will get in a restaurant environment. In a busy restaurant setting, the last thing you want to have to worry about is if your furniture will hold up for your customers and even worse, risk breaking and a customer getting hurt which presents a liability situation to you as the restaurant/bar owner. And if you think IKEA aluminum and synthetic material furniture options might be a good option, they present many of the same issues.  These products are simply not built to commercial furniture standards and using them in these environments presents a potential hazard and liability to the restaurant/bar owner who furnishes their establishment with them. Many restaurant and bar owners may not realize that buying commercial grade furniture can be surprisingly affordable and also last much longer and be warrantied against product failure!

As a supplier for commercial grade furniture to restaurants, bars and cafes, Equip understands the need for furniture that is affordable, stylish and will last for years offering trouble free service. Equip offers commercial furniture lines ranging from very affordable (comparable to IKEA pricing), to the higher-end, and provides options to accommodate budgetary, time and space requirements. All Equip furniture is commercial grade, warrantied for use in high traffic environments, and covered under comprehensive product liability insurance plan that protects the end user/buyer should a product failure or accident occur.

Although buying furniture for your restaurant or bar from IKEA, Amazon, etc. may seem like a good short-term option due to the cost savings, in the long run you will save money purchasing commercial grade furniture from a reputable commercial furniture dealer. Another huge benefit of buying commercial grade furniture for your space is that you’ll be working directly with a supplier who will assist you in the process of deciding which furniture items will work best in your space and present a range of product options to help you narrow down the right items.

To view a wide display of commercial grade restaurant furniture at a glance click here. We will be happy to give you a free quote on any of our items and will work with your budgetary, space aesthetic and timeline requirements to get you the perfect furniture for your space which will make you and your customers happy.

For additional details and information visit our website at and give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to assist. Equip is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Business hours are M-F 8-4:30 pm MST.


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