What are Shop-In-Shops?

Shop-in-shop retail is a concept that works almost exactly as it sounds. It is a growing retail trend that allows brand owners and retailers to take space in another store to provide selling space dedicated to their specific products.

A lot of retailers have something called “monobrand” stores, which are completely dedicated to their own brand range, but more and more often shop-in-shop programs are popping up to allow a set amount of space within the store for something different. Some notable examples of this are bookstores with a coffee shop or department stores with independently owned makeup brand kiosks.

Why It Works

Studies show that the shop-in-shop arrangement works because the main retailer offers a prime location while the retailer renting the space can take advantage of higher traffic. Consequently, the customer gets a lower price and a higher level of customer service. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

Logistics & Security

One tricky thing about a shop-in-shop is figuring out the logistics of having one store within another. Perhaps the retailer renting the space wants to have more limited hours, how will that merchandise remain secure once their employees go home but the larger store remains open?

One way to secure merchandise during these transition times is with custom security covers. Equip provides custom covers to Shop-in-Shops all over the US for this exact reason.

Check out the covers we provided for Luxottica’s shop-in-shop displays located as sunglass hut within Macy’s. 


Store-within-a-store concepts add a dynamic element to retail which attract customers and, with proper security, can benefit both retailers involved while allowing them the flexibility of having their own hours, merchandise, POS systems, and more. The idea is as old as time, and with good reason, it works!


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