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Event centers and stadiums have a variety of vendors selling merchandise and concessions on every corner, expensive kiosks for ticketing, and metal detectors for entrance security. We manufacture custom stadium covers to secure these fixtures and protect them from theft, vandalism, and debris!

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More About Equip Stadium Covers

Securing Stadium Concessions and Merch

Covers are the most time effective and secure way to protect merchandise and concession equipment.

Before & After – Stadium Covers

Stadium Covers for Retail & Concessions

Stadiums often have concession carts & merchandise displays selling refreshments and paraphernalia to guests. Equip Inc. covers protect concession carts and merchandise from the elements and deter theft and tampering when carts are left unattended. Our indoor and outdoor lockable covers are great for concessions in all kinds of venues and even have a self-storage bag attached for easy storage when not in use! These covers are a simple and affordable way to protect merchandise. 

Stadium Covers for Electronic Kiosks and Metal Detectors

Kiosks are changing the way many places do business. Everywhere from stadiums to restaurants are using electronic kiosks for everything from ticketing to ordering food. Initial research shows that kiosks can heighten customer satisfaction and increase check averages. In stadiums in particular, these kiosks are often installed outside, where weather can shorten their useful lifespan significantly.

Equip’s stadium covers can ensure kiosks are secured and protected from vandalism, dust, debris, and weather. Additionally, when a kiosk is out of order, a cover can deter frustration from guests attempting to use it.

Our covers are not just for displays and kiosks. Metal detectors are also quite an investment and Equip wants to make sure they stay in great shape. Our covers can protect & lock them from vandalism and debris as well as the elements if stored outdoors.


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