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We make custom covers for hotels and other companies in the service & hospitality industry. Our covers for check-in counters, concessions, and displays are lockable, durable, & protect your items from the elements, theft, and vandalism. We also manufacture security curtains to create a barrier for closed areas. These covers are completely customized and can even have your logo imprinted to maintain your brand even when your displays are covered up!

Curbside Check In Cover

Grab and Go Concession Cover

Outdoor Intrusion Barriers

Featured Hotel & Hospitality Cover Projects

Padded Bar Covers at the Broadmoor Hotel

The Broadmoor Hotel contacted Equip for some custom padded covers to protect the bars when being transported to events and storage.

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Hotel Concession Covers & Intrusion Barriers

Some hotels feature a grab&go concession area for guests to grab a quick snack or meal without having to find a restaurant. After hours, it is important that these concession items are secured. While some concessionaires are forced to take down their stand and restock shelves every morning, Equip’s covers eliminate those extra steps and allow you to leave merchandise stocked & secured all night. While keeping a display secure is always an option, Equip also manufactures lockable security curtains which create a barrier securing an entire area which may be closed off. In the example above, the intrusion barrier is securing an outdoor bar closed for the winter. 

Equip Covers for Hotel Check In Counters and Kiosks

Many hotels have curbside counters for guests to check in & hand off their keys to a valet. We provide custom covers for check in counters which enclose the entire unit and secure the counter after hours. Electronic check-in kiosks are also popping up in hotels around the world. With an electronic check-in kiosk, guests can check themselves into their room if they arrive late in the evening or prefer self-service. These units may need to be covered during maintenance, after hours to prevent vandalism, or to protect them from weather conditions if they are placed outdoors.

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