The Many Benefits to Digital Kiosks
We know the incredible benefits digital kiosks have offered society as we advance technologically. In our post-pandemic world, people demand efficiency. We expect convenience, and we want our information quickly and clearly. Electronic kiosks are everywhere; from airport check-ins to quick service restaurant ordering, to libraries, DMVs, bill pay machines, urban wayfinding, ticketing booths, medical facilities and so much more. They offer us a way to streamline our experience and save both time and money by maximizing our human connections.

airport self-service check in kiosk
Kiosks don’t take away our face-to-face interactions, they prioritize what is needed most. A live person isn’t needed to check a reservation or print a ticket. Our computer systems are advanced enough to manage data and basic actions. Let’s save our live workers for our most important tasks, and put the value of people’s time as our highest priority.

Protecting Your Investment
Kiosks are part of our every day lives and are becoming more so each day. They are built for indoor and outdoor use. Ruggedized materials and thoughtful design mean that these kiosks can withstand almost anything nature or humans can throw at them. Despite this reliability in construction, no system is completely failsafe. As we incorporate kiosks in our businesses, the next natural step is protecting these investments with a cover.

Kiosk security and protection is a growing concern with possibilities of damage, vandalism, and even hacking. These self-service devices can be just as susceptible to hacking and data theft as any other computer system. From a technological perspective, we need to ensure that our kiosks are safeguarding our users’ sensitive information, as well our own business interests. Data including credit card numbers, human resources files, HIPAA restricted medical records, and other sensitive information needs to be protected. A lockable cover acts as a deterrent to potential damage and tampering.

Self-service kiosks in many environments may also need to be covered to stop the spread of contaminants, to route traffic, or to protect from potential damage from dust, moisture, and debris. A kiosk that has been powered down, or has a rudimentary sign taped to it gives the impression of failed equipment and lack of management. A kiosk that is covered shows the user that it is not meant to be used at this time. Add a logo or some branding and it looks even more professional. One practical application for this is the effort to maintain large group order for crowd distribution. A trade show, an amusement park or an airport can route its guests for proportionate crowd management. Simply cover one or more kiosks and route your customers/guests where you want them to go.

woman using self service kiosk for ticket

As another example, covering kiosks in an airport immediately give a traveler visual information on which devices are meant for use at that time and where they are expected to go. Equip, Inc. has made many covers for Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and the Colorado Springs Airport. Any traveler will tell you about the frustration of wasting time waiting in the wrong line, or standing behind an unreasonable customer. Kiosks, and properly covered kiosks can help manage these obstacles.

A kiosk in a medical environment such as a hospital or doctor’s office may need to be covered in between sanitation efforts. In an entertainment environment, ticket sales can be more efficient with kiosks when crowds are large. When crowd routing and waiting lines aren’t an issue, options of up-selling on subscriptions and add-ons are created when customers are forced to a window with an actual person.

delta airlines monitor covered
Equip, Inc. has made covers for organizations such as the Seattle Space Needle ticketing system, Seattle Monorail system, the San Diego Zoo, LinkNYC, SP+ Parking, the State of Colorado’s Department of Public Assets and many other organizations who need to temporarily secure a kiosk.

The key to success in any industry is the ability to adapt to the current environment. Some kiosks may need to be available 24/7, and others may need to be limited. The power of a removable cover gives complete flexibility.

Contact us today for a custom quote and take the first step toward securing your kiosk! Our talented design team will work directly with you to design and fabricate a cover to your exact specifications and measurements.

space needle uncovered and covered
space needle uncovered and covered
four small covered kiosks
link nyc uncovered and covered