The COVID pandemic has dramatically impacted the world of entertainment, retail, and more – and with it has come impacts to the concession & merchandising industry. As venues, malls, airports, and other public spaces begin reopening with extreme precautions in place,  retailers and concessionaires in those spaces are having to get creative and find new ways to ensure the safety of customers and staff alike. Here are some tips for safely operating a concession stand or retail kiosk during COVID. 

Masks and Proper Distancing

As recommended by the CDC, wearing masks and practicing social distancing (6-foot distance between parties at all time), the spread of COVID is far less likely. One way to safely operate a retail stand is to provide masks for staff and implement proper markings to encourage social distancing practices for both staff and customers.

Kiosks and Stands with Built In Barriers

In some retail situations, it is physically impossible to maintain social distancing between customers and employees. For this reason, some retail and concession companies are taking advantage of a new style of cart with a built-in partition to safely separate staff from the customer. 

One company currently offering this solution is Cart-King International, based in Canada. Cart-King offers their “EZ-Kiosk” in a range of configurations with customizable graphics!

Electronic Ticketing Kiosks

Custom Covers

With many facilities reopening with only partial capacity and/or finding ways to decrease the amount of exposed surfaces; carts, kiosks, touch screens, water fountains, and more are being covered up and locked away. 

Equip offers custom fitted, lockable covers to protect these and other items, keeping them clean, touch-free, and safe.

Sanitization Stations

Sanitizing points in public spaces give customers and employees easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, and more providing comfort, cleanliness, safety to customers and employees alike.

The sanitization station pictured here is a practical and elegant solution for indoor use in public spaces and is available at a great price point through Equip!

Standalone Plexiglass Shields / Barriers

As an alternative to built-in partitions, these countertop shields, also known as sneeze shields, are designed to protect staff and patrons amidst the current crisis. The clear, acrylic partitions provide a shield that prevents direct physical and airborne contact. Equip offers a range of shield sizes and configurations to accommodate all spaces.

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