Retail Fixture Displays

Just as clothes, shoes or other retail items in a shop change quickly with the season and new trends, Retail Fixture Displays are also constantly changing. Retail Fixture Displays are imperative to the environment of the store, as well as a customer’s shopping experience. You want Retail Fixture Displays that not only enhance your product but also protect it. Retail Fixture Displays come in a variety of customizations including shapes, sizes, storage options and material. While there are tons of options for your Retail Fixture Display, there are current market trends that will improve how your products are displayed!

A few Retail Fixture Display trends include:

  • Wood of all kinds, even mix & matching wood seems to be a trend
  • Rustic materials that add a more natural look to your retail environment
  • Interactive Displays that allow customers to interact with the product whether it be hands-on or through a tablet or other touch screen
  • Green materials such as recycled glass or reclaimed wood that will help promote your company as eco-friendly and look great in your store
  • Displays with built-in storage to simplify organization

Listed below are Retail Display Manufacturers that are great resources for equipping your retail space!

1. Victory Display & Store Fixtures Manufacturer – manufacturer of modern and custom displays

2. Northern Metal Products – custom manufacturer and designer for POP displays

3. RCS Innovations – design, build and install retail fixtures, POP’s and much more!

Retail Fixture Display’s are important for storing and showcasing your product, and protecting your product and the display is equally important. At Equip, Inc we manufacture custom covers for Retail Fixture Displays right at our building. Our covers are made to last, protect your display against damage and theft with a sewn-in security cable, and can be made custom for your fixture display! We offer an array of fabrics and colors to chose from for your Retail Fixture Display. We take pride in our covers and in working with many top retail brands in the industry.