Cover Repairs

Equip offers cover repairs on any cover – including ones we didn’t make. Just fill out our form and send us your covers.

Ship your Cover

We Repair Your Cover

What can we Repair?

  • Tears or holes in the fabric of the cover
  • Repair or replace missing or damaged zippers
  • Replace security cable

Cover Cleaning/Laundering

If a cover arrives soiled with dirt, stains, or a detectable smell, we will have it laundered prior to providing a repair estimate. The laundering of each cover occurs at our discretion. Cleanliness will be automatically assessed and added to the cost of your repair.

You may also request cleaning prior to your repair, as many textile cleaners will not clean coated or industrial fabrics.


Prices for repairs are based on labor time plus cost of materials. We bill at quarter hour increments, so if your repair is 15 minutes, we bill for 15 minutes.

Service Type Price
Repairing Holes or Tears in cover – $85.00 per hour
Repairing or replacing zipper in cover – $85.00 per hour
Replacing Cable – $85.00 per hour

Material Prices
120″ black or white YKK® zipper $15.00
Zipper pull w/ cable loop $5.00
Replacement cable $9.50
Repair tape per roll $6.00
Misc. per cover charge (thread, tape, and binding) $6.00


Please download, print, and fill out our Cover Repair Form.

Include the finished form at the top of the box when shipping your covers. Send your covers to our Colorado Springs facilty:

Equip, Inc.

646 Elkton Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

We will assess you cover and send you an estimate based on the pricing above. When we receive a signed estimate, we will put your cover into production and let you know the estimated ship date for the return of your cover.

Feel free to fill out the form below with any comments or questions, or to let us know that your cover is on the way. If you’ve shipped your cover, please include tracking information as well.

Covers Made in the USA

All of our covers are made locally here in Colorado Springs with a team of highly qualified and dedicated stitchers who take pride in their work. We offer a competitive wage and a work environment that encourages cross training, collaboration, open communication and mutual respect among our team. That’s how we make our covers here at Equip, Inc.!

Thanks for supporting our locally owned, locally staffed made in the US cover business!

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