Kiosks and Concessions Enhance Guest Experience

Concessions and merchandise are essential to the guest experience at amusement and theme parks. There is nothing like a cold ice cream cone on a hot day at the theme park, and who doesn’t want  a t-shirt to take home? In addition to the general items sold at these kiosks, display manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs to attract customers, help with wait time, and allow for more options. The purpose of these carts are to enhance guest experience and provide a convenient way to purchase food, beverages, and merchandise, but they are typically stand alone sections without the capability to be secured easily on their own. What happens after hours if the merchandise needs to be secured?

There are a few options to secure carts and kiosks: 

  1. The stand employees can remove merchandise from the shelves and lock up the POS system.
  2. The stand employees can roll the cart back into a storage area
  3. The stand employees can cover the cart with a custom Equip Inc. cover, which encases the unit and locks to ensure the items beneath are safe.

While removing merchandise and rolling a cart back and forth could be an effective method for some theme parks with open space and plenty of indoor storage, covers are the most time effective and secure way to protect this type of equipment.

Equip Inc Covers

Equip Inc. has been manufacturing custom covers for 20 years and all are made right here in the USA at their warehouse in Colorado Springs. The covers are drawn, cut, and sewn from heavy duty, water resistant fabric and the best sewing practices around, are all warrantied for a year, and have the ability to completely secure the unit with a cable and lock along the bottom of the cover.

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