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Equip, Inc. provides custom covers for many different types of home equipment. From vacuum cleaners to Air Conditioning units to washers and dryers, Equip has a cover that will protect your equipment from dust, pet hair, water, mildew, and UV rays. 

More About Equip Home Covers

Outdoor Kitchen Covers

We will work with you to create a cover that will protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements, keeping it in excellent condition and looking new for a long time!

How to Measure Your Folding Treadmill for a Cover

We make custom and standard treadmill covers to protect both indoor and outdoor treadmills.

How to Measure Your Treadmill for a Custom Cover

It is our goal at Equip, Inc. to provide you with a treadmill cover that accurately fits the dimensions of your machine.

Ideas to Winterize Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

Custom outdoor fire pit covers are a beneficial investment for any outdoor living space, particularly those that are built into your living space.

Three Tips for Storing A Treadmill Outdoors

A treadmill cover protects against damage from weather and other outside elements that can potentially cause damage to your treadmill.

Protecting Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Exercise Equipment Covers Give You the Power to Enjoy Your Fitness Equipment Outside Keeping a treadmill or other...

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Benefits of Equip Treadmill Covers

Our covers are made of heavy duty fabric which is UV/Mold/Mildew/Water Resistant. Our covers are commercial grade and will last longer than other covers on the market. Equip covers secure with either a drawstring or cord lock and are easy to apply and remove. Stop letting your equipment go unprotected and order a cover on Amazon today! Although these covers are suitable for home use, they are also commercial grade and can be used in commercial settings. Contact us for a custom order or a commercial quantity order for these covers!

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