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Equip, Inc. is the top manufacturer for fitness equipment covers. Our training bag covers protect against the elements, dust, debris, and other hazards.  Having a training bag cover will save you from having to roll your punching bag in and out of position and will allow you to keep your training equipment in one place and protected so it’s always ready for use.

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How to Choose the Best Treadmill Cover

Treadmill covers are designed to protect your treadmill from potential damage caused by water, debris, and dust while not in use.

How to Measure Your Folding Treadmill for a Cover

We make custom and standard treadmill covers to protect both indoor and outdoor treadmills.

How to Measure Your Treadmill for a Custom Cover

It is our goal at Equip, Inc. to provide you with a treadmill cover that accurately fits the dimensions of your machine.

Three Tips for Storing A Treadmill Outdoors

A treadmill cover protects against damage from weather and other outside elements that can potentially cause damage to your treadmill.

Protecting Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Exercise Equipment Covers Give You the Power to Enjoy Your Fitness Equipment Outside Keeping a treadmill or other...

Before & After – Punching Bag Cover

Standard Vs. Custom Punching Bag Covers

We manufacture standard training bag covers for Century Kidkick, Wavemaster XXL, Aerobic, Original, and BOB training bags as well as the Everlast PowerCore punching bag. While these covers will fit most training bags on the market, we also provide custom training bag covers to meet your specific measurements. To order a standard training bag cover, check out our Amazon listings for the Century Original, Wavemaster XXL, Aerobic, Original, Bob, or Everlast PowerCore bags. To get started on a custom training bag cover, contact us. We will ask for images and measurements of your training bag and create a custom cover quote.

Benefits of Equip Training Bag Covers

Our protective training bag covers are designed to go over the top of your training bag and zip closed with a drawstring cord and cord lock sewn into the bottom hem. The covers are made in Colorado, USA using heavy duty outdoor materials designed to stand up to the elements, allowing you to enjoy use of your freestanding training bag indoors or outdoors while keeping it in prime condition. Having the cover will save you from having to roll your training bag in and out and will allow you to keep your training equipment protected so it’s always ready for use. Our covers are user-friendly and very easy to put on and remove.

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