Pella, manufacturer of windows and doors, reached out to Equip, Inc. with a difficult situation and a tight timeline; their Oklahoma City branch was planning to attend an upcoming home renovation show and needed to protect their products during transport.

Because of the complexity of their needs, Equip’s production team decided to send them a prototype before producing the remaining units. We pride ourselves in crafting covers that our customers can be satisfied with, which means confirming the best fit possible with prototypes. (blog post)

With the trade show coming up in just a few weeks, Pella needed a cover that would allow them to transport the glass window displays safely and represent their brand when the samples were covered.

Our production team found the perfect solution: a foam-lined 600D fabric. The foam would cushion the glass, as well as providing a softer surface that would decrease the risk of scratches. The 600D outer fabric is water, mold, mildew and UV resistant to protect the samples from the elements, dust, and scratching.

The cover design required a few other modifications. Because of the height of the display windows and the decreased maneuverability of the foam, Equip’s design team decided that two zippers, creating a separating front panel, would provide a better experience than the single zipper used on most applications. The double zippers would allow Pella to lift the front of the cover up over the top when they wanted to display the window or remove the cover entirely.

For full protection, the cover also required a flap that would cover the bottom portion of the display. To make the cover easy to use, Equip, Inc.’s in-house design team added straps with ring closures that could be used to pull the flap up and attach it securely to the front of the cover.

Equip was able to design a unique solution for a unique problem. At Equip, we don’t just make “one size fits all” covers. Our customers have unique needs and deserve the individual attention and high-quality designs that Equip’s team can provide. We don’t expect our customers to be experts at understanding covers, that’s what we are here for! The production team put together a drawing to communicate all the unique features included in this design, with follow up calls to make sure that every aspect was easy to understand and would meet Pella’s needs.

Because the cover is meant, in part, for use at trade shows, Pella also wanted a logo that would communicate their brand identity. Equip’s customer representatives worked with Pella to optimize their logo so that it would be eye-catching and clearly visible against the black fabric.

With the cover design and logo approved, Equip, Inc. expedited the order to send Pella a prototype to confirm the fit was perfect. Pella verified that everything worked as expected on the prototype and Equip prepared the rest of the covers in time for the trade show.

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