Customer: The Broadmoor Hotel

Job Requirement

The Broadmoor Hotel is a historically famous 5 star hotel located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Like some other luxury hotels and resorts, the Broadmoor hosts many events and banquets. During such events, there are often portable bars that are brought in for serving food and beverages. The Broadmoor Hotel contacted Equip for some custom padded covers to protect the bars when being transported from one event to another and back into storage.

Custom Padded Bar Covers:

The Equip team began designing a custom pattern for the covers which would go over the top of the bar, zip up the side, and protect it from dust, debris, vandalism, and even bumping into a corner during transportation. The covers were rather large at 57.25″ long, 29.25″ wide, and 44.75″ tall and padded all the way through.


The Broadmoor hotel received 10 custom padded covers complete with a screenprinted logo for brand identity. “We like the cover very much,” their assistant director of purchasing stated.

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