Customer: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Job Requirement:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a popular movie theater chain in the U.S. that offers a unique cinematic experience to guests by serving meals and beer during movies. Since Alamo Drafthouse Cinema offers such an iconic experience for guests, they tend to sell merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc. promoting their brand. Securing the movie theater’s merchandise items after hours can be tricky, so Alamo Drafthouse Cinema reached out to Equip Inc. for a cover solution.

The Equip Inc. staff quickly put together a cover pattern for the cinema’s merchandise displays and began manufacturing custom, lockable covers that would secure and protect the featured items.

Alama Drafthouse Movie Theater Display Covers
Display Cover Locks

Equip Cover Solution:

The cinema specifically requested a merchandise cover that would lock and cover all sides to prevent theft and vandalism. The staff at Equip Inc. suggested a

tower cover which is 5 sided and includes a security cable along the bottom as well as a zipper along the side to allow for easy application and removal. With proper measurements and constant communication with the customer, Equip Inc. manufactured 2 different styles of covers for Alamo Drafthouse. 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ordered one cover sample in each style to ensure fit, and upon receiving the covers they requested an adjustment so that one of the covers would fit more snugly.  Equip quickly made these adjustments based on the changes and they were a perfect fit. Soon after, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema requested 28 more covers for various locations around the U.S.!



Equip Inc. is always happy to manufacture custom cover solutions and provide samples on quantity orders. The Equip team stands by their work and is always happy to adjust a cover until it fits it’s counterpart perfectly. With competitive prices, top notch service, and attention to detail, Equip provides custom cover solutions that will fit the requirements of any movie theater display, and is thrilled to be Alamo Drafthouse’s cover resource.

If you have any need for covers at your movie theater, check out some custom movie theater covers we already offer and call or email us at (719)599-0300 or for a free quote!

Customer Name: Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
Project Requirement: Lockable, covers all sides.
Special Concerns for this particular project: The covers fit perfectly before ordering in qty.
Lead Time: 2 weeks
Outcome: 28 covers delivered to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to protect merchandise displays at several locations nationwide.

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