Customer: The Gondola Shop by Sunshine Polishing Technology

Job requirement:

Dominique Bastien, President of Sunshine Polishing Technology and the Gondola Shop, recently reached out to Equip for custom ski gondola covers for one of their customers. Sunshine Polishing Technology is a Ski Gondola restoration company, and their subsidiary, the Gondola Shop, specializes in restoring vintage gondolas and repurposing old gondolas for decoration at Ski Resorts, Restaurants, events, and more!

Restored Gondola Outside

The covers requested by The Gondola Shop would go over a repurposed gondola. Protecting the restored gondola would be essential as it would be stored outdoors and transported to the customer. Equip’s custom gondola cover would protect the gondola paint and exterior from bad weather and UV rays. These custom gondola covers could also be used to protect the unit during transportation to and from the customer as well as to secure them when they are being stored. When Dominique at Sunshine Polishing reached out to Equip, she emphasized that these covers also needed to hug the gondola, fitting to its unique shape in a way that protects it & takes up minimal space without scratching the gondola in any way.

Equip Cover Solution:

The Gondola Shop needed a cover solution that would be fitted, gentle, and protective. Equip’s team worked closely with Dominique to gather the proper measurements and come up with the best cover solution possible. With measurements and a thorough understanding of the customers’ needs, Adrienne Turner, Equip’s production lead, suggested a fitted cover with straps on the corners and a lockable elastic cord along the bottom perimeter to secure the unit. The proposed cover would also have two zippers on opposite corners to ease installation and removal. Finally, Equip suggested a Speclock fabric as it would not scratch the gondola’s custom paintwork and is suitable for outdoor use at high altitudes. This cover would be the perfect fit for the Gondola Shop’s project.


With competitive prices, excellent customer service, and attention to detail, Equip provides quality cover solutions that fit the requirements of any equipment, display, or gondola! In the end, Dominique received a fitted gondola cover stating, “Wow… The cover is perfect! Awesome work!” No matter how big or small your order is, Equip is always ready to work with customers to create unique cover solutions for any type of equipment or display. If you have any need for commercial grade covers for your ski resort equipment or displays, give Equip a call at (719)599-0300 or email us at to request a free quote! Customer: Sunshine Polishing Technology

Job Requirement: A fitted gondola cover
Special Concerns for this particular project: Cover that is durable, suitable for outdoor use, and will not scratch the gondola.
Lead Time: 3 weeks due to Logo
Outcome: The customer was satisfied and plans to order more covers for additional gondolas in the future.


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