It was great to meet with Joanne Sherif, owner of Cardamom Cafe and Bakery in San Diego. Tamara Nau, who is heading up our San Diego outreach efforts, coordinated the meeting. We enjoyed talking with Joanne about some of the challenges she faces as a restaurant owner and we enjoyed a great breakfast!

 cardamom cafe and bakery san diego joanne equip your space

Cardamom Cafe and Bakery, San Diego owner Joanne Sherif

On Monday Tamara and I joined Tommy Gomes from Catalina Offshore and his crew for Monday morning tacos and burritos at Las Cuatro Milpas.

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Las Cuatro Milpas, San Diego 

Mr. Tommy Gomes, Catalina Offshore Market

We also joined Dining Out San Diego’s Josh Kopelman who offered great insights into the San Diego restaurant scene.

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Josh Kopelman of Dining Out San Diego 

Tamara and I decided to hyper-focus our outreach efforts to promote Equip’s commercial furniture lines to the San Diego area to build more local business. San Diego has a thriving restaurant scene, but faces hurdles with local tax laws related to waitstaff tips and minimum wage requirements.

California restaurant owners face a lot of challenges, and we look forward to working with the local community to be a resource for their FF&E needs. It’s good to connect over food to build business through direct outreach. We also just joined the California Restaurant Association and look forward to participating in more San Diego restaurant events including weekly meetings and perhaps having Tamara join a local leads group.

Good things are ahead as we focus on building on our efforts and developing new opportunities to work with the restaurants, restaurant groups and the California Restaurant Association to sell our commercial furniture and custom coverings in the region.