Equip, Inc. of Colorado Springs will be exhibiting at RECON SPREE 2018. We will be showcasing FFE (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) for enclosed shopping malls and outdoor lifestyle centers. Products on display at RECON SPREE 2018 will include food court tables and chairs. We also have mall tenant seating/bar stools, lockable covers for RMU’s and Kiosks. Additionally, furniture includes trash receptacles, recycling bins, planters, outdoor patio heaters, and more!

Equip. is best known for manufacturing custom covers for Retail Merchandising Units (RMU’s), Kiosks and Fixture Displays, to protect merchandise from theft, dust, and debris after store hours. Equip began offering commercial grade Bar Stools 10 years ago as an affordable, reliable resource for Specialty Leasing Managers needing replacement tenant seating.

To date, Equip has worked with over 600 shopping malls worldwide and over 200 specialty retailers and online retail stores! Equip also supplies furniture and amenities to restaurants, bars, airports, ski resorts, and other high traffic public spaces.

Equip is also a leading supplier of commercial grade furniture and site amenities for common areas, specialty leasing/carts and kiosks, and outdoor patio areas. Contact Equip to schedule a time to meet at RECON SPREE by calling 719.599.0300 or email Equip at info@equipinc.com. Equip is a member of ICSC.

RECON SPREE 2018 can get quite exciting. Make sure to stop by for a few minutes for free catalogs, dog leashes, and small coin purses. We would love to meet you! 


Equip, Inc.  646 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.  719.599.0300.  Info@equipinc.com   www.Equipinc.com     Member, ICSC