Our friends at Wabash Valley make time tested, durable outdoor furniture. In addition to standardized products Wabash offers customized outdoor benches in a variety of styles. Take a look at what Wabash Valley has to say about their custom outdoor bench furniture program:


Most of our benches offer several patterns to choose from. For example the Contemporary series park bench offers DIAMOND, PERFORATED, RIB or SLAT patterns. All patterns are displayed on the detail page in thumbnail images beneath the main page text. In this Tabbed area you will also find the CAD drawings for each product for your use and download.

Besides the Patterns, you can select your finish. If you find a commercial bench you like in one brand but want it in another brands finish, then you can check the cross reference chart to find the equivalent bench in another collection.

To customize your Industrial or Park bench further, you might consider personalizing it with your company name cutout on the seat back. This makes is actually a great way to promote your brand for years with a one time investment.

Often cities pay for their street lights, street benches, trash receptacles and planters by accepting donations in exchange the largest contributors get to have the bench personalized with their contributor name. Again a great way to establish long term brand recognition.

Other style features are inherent in the collections design and cannot be changed. This is the case often with curved one piece outdoor benches.”