Recently, a fixture company reached out to Equip to manufacture fitted, lockable covers to enclose and secure electronic tablet devices in mall kiosks and mobile pop up units.

The company had supplied pop up retail displays to a customer exhibiting tablet devices, and covers needed to be designed to protect merchandise from theft, vandalism, dust, and debris to keep product inventory in top condition.


To initiate this project, Equip Inc. began by creating a cover pattern based on the line drawings (measurements of the displays) needing to be covered. Equip then fabricated a sample cover to the customer to verify design and fit. The cover was designed to completely enclose the mobile pop-up unit, zip up along the side, and lock by using a cable fitted for the cover that ran along the bottom seam of the cover. The fabric used was fire retardant to meet all FR safety codes, self-storing with its own attached storage pouch, and included a heavy duty, commercial grade zipper at the side seam to allow for easy setup and removal of the security cover.


The customer received a cover sample, approved it and ordered an additional 65 covers. After providing these, the customer ordered an additional 300 covers in two separate sizes.

pop up mobile unit cover


We are always happy to provide an initial sample cover to our customers so that they can verify quality, fit and finish prior to placing a larger quantity order with us. We strive to earn our customer’s trust and repeat business and to make the process as simple and easy as possible. It was great to work with this customer and we look forward to being a reliable and responsive resource for their future retail fixture cover needs.

If you have a store fixture, retail display, cart or kiosk and would like to secure your merchandise, we would love to work with you. Check out our website, give Equip a call at (719) 599-0300, or email us at for more information and a fast, free quote.

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