Dear Colleagues:

We hope that you and your friends and family are doing well at this difficult time. 

As a quick update, Equip is available under normal working hours. We have transitioned to remote work capability for all of our staff; both administrative and production. 

Our goal is to maintain our production capabilities, communications and customer support at the maximum level, without putting at risk the health of any of our staff, clients, suppliers, or collaborators at any point.

We will stay up to date of the evolution of the current situation and will take appropriate measures. 

During this time, we encourage customers to communicate with us primarily via email at whenever possible, to allow us to easily relay and synch information between staff for a seamless communication channel.

Finally and most importantly, we hope that you and yours are well and would like to take this opportunity to send our best to those affected, as well as their families. 


Scott Mullens,
Equip, Inc.