Copper Mountain Ski Resort Custom Covers

Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado was looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to protect their base village outdoor fire pits. The ski resort experiences extreme elements because they are located at 9,700 feet elevation, deep in the Rocky Mountains. With these weather extremes, Copper Mountain needs to protect their equipment effectively.

Scott Mullens of Equip Your Space, a manufacturer of custom covers in Colorado Springs, suggested a custom cover. It would be made in a hexagonal shape (to match the fire pit’s shape) using a Speclok material with a Coates nylon thread. Scott also suggested an adjustable shock cord drawstring at the base of the cover for a secure fit. The shock cord would prevent the cover from blowing away in extreme winds, which are not uncommon at this altitude.

The Speclok cover material was specified, in part, due to its excellent ultraviolet (UV) resistance.  For every 1,000 feet in altitude gain, UV radiation increases 8% – 10%. Copper Mountain, located at 9,700 feet above sea level, has almost a 100% increase in radiation from sea level. At such a high altitude, ordinary materials will fade and deteriorate quickly due to heavy UV exposure.

In addition, the outdoor shuffleboard court had noticeable warping on the sides. Scott suggested that the outdoor shuffleboard court could benefit from a Speclok material cover as well.

“It was interesting to note that a competitor’s cover on the shuffleboard court was not protecting the expensive asset due to the non-breathable cover material that was allowing condensation to build up underneath, ultimately resulting in warpage and overall deterioration.” Scott would re-engineer that cover, using the Speclok material in addition to built-in risers designed to lift the material from the court, allowing additional airflow underneath.

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