Commercial Furniture for Airports– Equip, Inc. is a Supplier!

Did you know that there are over 40,000 airports in the world? (  That means over 100K flights a day! Wow! There are millions of people that cross the airport in a year, and people often look for places to sit and relax, whether that’s the airport’s food court, lounge area, or a charging station. Airport furniture is important, especially for a small break. Even more importantly, the airport furniture must withstand a lot of traffic use/abuse, so quality is imperative.

Quality of Airport Furniture

Airport furniture must be commercial grade. There shouldn’t be exceptions. If we’re talking about thousands of people a day in an airport, then it must withstand the traffic. Commercial grade is about the durability in construction and material. Are these items that hold up? Typically, commercial furniture is tested with different weights and impacts. I won’t bore you guys with the details, but it’s important you always buy commercial grade.

Another side of quality is the vendor warranty. Do the factories stand behind their products? Here at Equip, Inc. we are a dealer with only commercial grade furniture and warrantied items. We offer anywhere from 1-year to 10-year limited warranties (depending on the product).

Seeing the furniture on screen is one thing but seeing it in person is quite another. I always recommend getting samples of the color and material to get a better idea. You can also request a physical sample. For example, if you’re ordering over 100 chairs for a large space, then request a chair. I’m a very visual person, so this makes complete sense to me! You notice much more in person. For instance, does it compliment the Airport space? Is the color the right fit? Is it comfortable? An actual physical sample also helps you determine the quality and helps you determine your airport furniture needs.

Style of Furniture

Another consideration is style! What are you specifically looking for? Do you want airport furniture that is modern, traditional, rustic, etc? You have many choices! At Equip, Inc, we offer airport furniture in a range of styles. We also offer customizable options!


What Furniture Does Equip, Inc. Offer?

Probably the first question you should be asking yourself is – what furniture do you need? If you don’t have constant access to the space, then I recommend taking a picture. Hopefully that will help you envision it. Is it airport furniture for a food court? Do you need tables, bases, and chairs? Perhaps you are adding a table charging station? Then do you need bar stools? are you renovating certain airport terminals? Maybe you need trash receptacles? Planters? We offer all the above! In addition, we can also help you with modular or lounge seating. Equip, Inc. can help you on your next renovation or airport project. We offer tables, bases, barstools, trash receptacles, benches, lounge, and much more!

Why Equip, Inc.?

Its so important to think carefully about your next commercial grade airport furniture purchase. But why choose us?

  • We only offer commercial grade.
  • All out products carry a warranty.
  • So many styles to choose from!
  • Our relationship with you is important to us.

We know how important this decisions is to you. And we understand the amount of time it takes. Equip, Inc. is here every step of the way from the initial point of inquiry. All the way down to the end of the purchase and receipt of furniture. You may call us anytime, day or night. (Perhaps not during the night. We all need sleep!)

If you’ve read this article in its entirety, then thank you, we appreciate it! Feel free to browse our website.

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