As the Colorado hospitality and restaurant industry continues to expand rapidly, restaurant challenges that owners are facing are also expanding. The Colorado Restaurant Association projects that Colorado restaurant sales are to exceed 12 billion in 2017. While this number is quite impressive, the costs of maintaining and operating a restaurant in Colorado are high as well.

Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins are amongst the cities that are experiencing major hospitality and restaurant growth. It’s common to see a new restaurant pop up on every street in these major Colorado cities. Restaurant owners welcome all the new traffic, but it does make keeping up their restaurant that much more difficult. Specifically, restaurant owners and managers are having a hard time maintaining employees, paying for their Mile High Rent, and just keeping up with overall rising costs of living and working in Colorado.

The Colorado Restaurant Association did a breakdown of an average $15 dollar restaurant meal. Of that $15 dollars: $5.04 goes to employee salaries and wages, $4.95 is for food and beverage costs, and $4.40 is needed for operating costs. This leaves a .61 operator income before taxes.

Colorado Restaurants are working within marginal profits, dealing with increasing competition over long-term restaurant employees and paying high costs for rent and other expenses that come along with operating a restaurant. One restaurant management solution that Equip, Inc has to offer is reducing the time and process that goes into the up-keep and decision making of restaurant furniture. Restaurant owners want furniture that doesn’t need constant replacement as well as furniture that works within tight budgets. Equip can help Colorado Restaurant owners make decisions on their restaurant furniture by providing multiple furniture options that match any requirements. This way restaurant owners save time on deciding between items by easily comparing costs, lead-times, etc.

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