Car dealerships and rental companies often have branded merchandise stands, self-serve kiosks, displays, movable desks and computers, and more in their facilities. Many times these stands, kiosks, etc. need covered after hours to secure them from vandalism, dust, debris, and theft – especially if the rental company is placed in an airport or if the dealership is a part of a mall, where hours may vary from the overall center. No matter the reason for securing merchandise, Equip Inc. has a cover solution — custom car dealership covers.

Merchandise Display Covers

Gift shops, accessory stands, and other merchandise displays often need to be secured after hours. Equip Inc. offers custom, lockable merchandise covers to protect items like car accessories, branded shirts, mugs, and more from dust, debris, and theft.

Airport Covers Concession without Cover

Electronic Ticket Kiosks

As AI technology becomes more widely available, self serve kiosks are becoming more and more common in auto dealerships and rental facilities. Equip Inc. offers custom electronic kiosk covers that secure the unit from debris and vandalism after hours and during maintenance.

electronic kiosk without custom outdoor cover
electronic kiosk without custom outdoor cover

Equip provides both indoor and outdoor covers for electronic kiosks!

Mobile Podium

Some dealerships and rental companies utilize mobile podium desks to assist customers. Often, these podiums have self storage that is too small to fit the computer monitor and keyboard after hours. Equip Inc. provides custom car dealership covers for these podiums to secure the unit when the facility is closed. 


Custom Silk-screening for Logos

Equip Inc. also provides custom silkscreening on all covers to ensure brand awareness even when items are covered up. Check out some of the logos we’ve provided!

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