Customer: Arizona State Park

Job Requirement:

Arizona State park utilizes patrol cars for security around the park. When rangers are off patrol or cars are not being used, they needed a custom cover solution to keep the lights protected from weather, UV rays, vandalism, dust, and debris.

Patrol Light Covers:

The state park reached out to Equip, Inc. for covers which would go along the patrol lights. The Equip design team created a pattern for a light cover which would encase the light bar and close with a cordlock and velcro along the bottom seam. The cover also featured padding for extra protection.

Arizona State Park Patrol Lights


Arizona State Park received 2 custom light covers complete with a drawstring and cordlock, 2″ velcro straps, and padding to protect side lights. 

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Customer: Arizona State Park
Job Requirement: 2 custom patrol light covers

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