Customer: Brookhaven National Laboratory Photon Science Division


Job requirement:

The Brookhaven National Laboratory Photon Science Division works with scientists and academics to solve challenges in energy to create solutions and security for the nation’s energy system. For a recent experiment, the Brookhaven National Laboratory is using a beamline with attached flanges. Beamlines are often used to shoot photons and particles through for scientific purposes. The experiment required light blocking from the flanges of a beamline (see diagram below), and the scientists were using aluminum foil to cover them. To make the process easier, the laboratory inquired with Equip for covers for the flanges in various sizes. 

 Special Concerns: 

The main concern for this project was that the covers were 100% light blocking and easily removed and reapplied for access to a small window. The scientist on staff mentioned that they had tried other fabric covers in the past that claimed to be “light blocking” but actually had lots of pin holes or small holes at the seams.

Equip Cover Solution:

With how sensitive this application was to light, the team at Equip began researching the very best materials for light blocking and eventually decided on a 4550D Blackout fabric with added UV and FR coating with an elastic drawstring cord for easy application and removal. After correspondence with the customer about sizing and quantities, Equip sent a sample flange cover to the laboratory for testing.

To their delight, the covers worked perfectly! They fit the flanges snugly and blocked the light from the beamline 100%. Once designs for the remaining flanges were finalized, the Brookhaven National Laboratory ordered 10 flange covers for their beamline!



The team at Equip Inc. strives to provide the best customer service and cover solution possible to meet our customer’s specific needs. Laboratories often face unique challenges as equipment needs covered after hours or for the purpose of an experiment.

In the end, Brookhaven National Laboratory Photon Division received 10 light blocking covers that are all being used in their laboratory facility. “The covers are working great!” stated Eliot Gann, the scientist working on this project, “I’ve been able to quickly loosen them to pull aside and see inside the windows when needed, and quickly replace them securely, just how we wanted.  They also really effectively block out all the light…. Thanks again for working with us to make these happen!”

No matter how big or small your order is, Equip is always ready to work with customers to create unique cover solutions for any type of equipment or display. If you have any need for commercial grade covers for your lab equipment or otherwise, give Equip a call at (719)599-0300 or email us at to request a free quote!

Customer: Brookhaven National Laboratory Photon Division
Job Requirement: Flange covers
Special Concerns for this particular project: must be light blocking material, special fabric was ordered. 4550D Blackout fabric with added UV and FR coating to prevent light from coming through.
Lead Time: 3 weeks 
Outcome: Customer ordered 10 covers total, we sent a prototype first to ensure the light blocking fabric met their requirements. 

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