4 ft. – 6 ft. Locking Table Covers For Tradeshows


Equip, Inc. is making it easy for trade show exhibitors to leave the floor after show hours. With a locking table cover, exhibitors can deter tampering and theft without removing product, display materials, or electronics each night. Sure, the trade show might have security, but wouldn’t it be nice to take security into your own hands?

With a simple Amazon purchase, exhibitors can make trade show life easier and more secure. A security cable in the bottom seam of the cover secures the cover to the trade show table and locks with a padlock. A lockable zipper in one corner guarantees easy removal and enclosure.

Black Tradeshow Table Cover

Cover sizes accommodate products and computers left on top of trade show tables. The 4 Ft. Locking Table Cover measures (48″Lx30″Wx53″H), with the added height intended to allow space for product on the table top, while still covering the whole table. Designed with the same purpose in mind, the 5 Ft. Locking Table Cover measures (60″Lx30″Wx53″H) and the 6 Ft. Locking Table cover comes in at (72″Lx30″Wx53″H).

Durable and user-friendly materials assure that throwing on a security cover is an easy one-minute process.

White Tradeshow Table Cover

Equip’s locking table covers are available in a lightweight 210D Nylon, or a heavier-weight 500D Polyester. Both fabrics are treated to be water-resistant and fire retardant. The 210D Nylon covers are available in Charcoal Grey, White and Black. The 500D Polyester covers are available in White and Black. Send us an email info@equipinc.com or give us a call at 719.599.0300 to order. We look forward to hearing from you!