Equip Inc. Believes in Saving You Money

As a company that works to help owners, managers and tenants protect their RMUs and kiosks, we know how expensive and valuable these units are! New kiosks and RMUs can cost thousands of dollars, and it can be a long process to find the right unit. Recently, Equip has found that the used kiosk and RMU industry is an appealing and useful alternative to the cost and effort of getting a new unit. These used kiosks and RMUs can be found in great condition for a reasonable price.

Here are some companies that sell used kiosks and RMUs:

But even used kiosks and RMUs are big investments that merit protection of the unit itself, as well as your merchandise. Equip can help protect the value of your unit and merchandise with custom security covers. Our covers have locking security cables that will deter theft and tampering, and our outdoor fabric will protect any unit from the elements.

Cover Options:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Fabric
  • Locking Security Cables
  • Zippers
  • Self-Storage Bag
  • Drawstring


  • Logo Printing
  • Tenant Seating
  • Cover Repairs and Laundering
  • Accessories: cables, hooks, etc.
  • Quantity Discounts