Airport Trash and Recycling Containers from Equip.

Equip, Inc. offers durable, affordable airport trash and recycling containers. Whether you’re looking to furnish your regional or international airport or you have an airport lounge requiring new trash and recycling bins. Equip offers a great selection of commercial grade products at a great price point. Here are some of the options we offer:

“Rockport” 32 Gallon Trash Receptacles

First of all, the Rockport 32 Gallon Receptacle has a side opening door for easy trash removal and is available with a portable or surface mount.

airport trash receptacle 32 gallon equip

“Rockport” 32 gallon receptacle


“GREEN VALLEY” 32 gallon recycle containers

Next, the Green Valley trash and recycling containers have steel supported 100% recycled material planks. They also contain reinforcements to prevent warping. This style of container also comes with Portable or In-ground mounting options. The lids are sold separately.

airport recycling container equip inc. recycled materials

“Green Valley” Recycling Bin


“WOODRIDGE” 32 gallon receptacles

Finally, the Woodridge trash containers are standard with a rigid plastic liner and your choice of a Flat Top, Ash Bonnet or Bonnet lid. You can order this container with your choice of a FAUX-WOOD or SLAT pattern. It is also available with either a PORTABLE, INGROUND or SURFACE MOUNT option.

airport trash containers 32 gallon bins equip

“Woodridge” 32 gallon bins


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Buy Confidently – 5 Year Warranty

We warranty these airport trash and recycling bins for a full 5 years! Often, outdoor furniture from competitors is only warrantied for 1 year. Our product, however, is built to last, so we offer a 5 year warranty.

Unlike the competition, our warranty doesn’t require complete rust-out or structural failure. Any peeling or surface rust whatsoever within the first five years means we’ll make it right for you.”


For additional Information Contact Equip, Inc. at 719.599.0300 or email us here for additional product samples/pricing information. We look forward to working with you and learning more about your Airport requirements!